Tuesday, August 24, 2010

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

nothing like family to get your mind off things.

went to playland yesterday, the whole ride there i was watching donnie darko, trying to drown out the horrible prepubescent screeching of justin bieber that my sister is obsessed with.
you see, my cousin has been trying to solve her disney rubix cube for a few weeks now, never being able to get it. on the ferry, there was this crazy kid from the west kootenays who asked if he could try. of course he does it in a minute or so. it drove my cousin crazy, we made him do it twice, and his dad do it once. he blamed it on his OCD... i just think hes a genius. and i got it on tape so it can torture my cousin over and over again.. mwahah.
we got to playland, and the first ride we went on was hells gate. good starter. 
at first, i thought i was going to be sarcastic about that last comment, but no, it really was. it got me hyped up to do other rides that i would never do. needless to say, i was stoked.
after all those fun rides, we all went to sit down and talk about what were going to do the rest of the day. me, being wiped from waking up waay too early, fell alseep on the bench right in the middle of the park. the adults then decided to ditch my cousins and i and go look at shamwows. they came back an hour later, and i was still snoring. 

after the rides, food, and monster trucks, we all go to the peking acrobats show, straight from china. on our way there, my mom and i passed a man that obviously had a disability, he was hunched over with a cane, and was dragging one of his feet, while his opposite arm hung there, motionless. now, my mom and i are very old souls, we have large hearts and feel every emotion quite strongly. as we were watching this man, my mother pointed out that he would never make it on time. just as she says this, a younger man, a security guard, ushers him over to the wheelchair/ VIP access, YET, when they got there, this asshole of a man, said no, and made him go the other way, KNOWING that he could never make it in time. the rest of the time, my mother kept ranting about how wrong it is and how bad she felt for the man. i was feeling the same way, but was afraid that if i opened my mouth, i would cry. which, i eventually did, because my mom wouldnt stop talking about it and it was torturing me inside. 
i dont understand how people can be such jackasses to innocent people just trying to get by. like, the other day when i was watching glee, little becky johnson with down syndrome, when sue, accepted her into the cheerleading squad, yet, still pushed her so hard. i cried so hard. i just feel so bad, that people are actually like that. and i know that we should treat them as equals, but still, go a bit easier on them.
as i was crying, my mama looked over at me and said, "dont worry roo, theyre the happiest people on earth." and really, they are. never affected by any hatred in the outside world. they never stop smiling, and they can make others just as happy.

when im old enough and ready, i want to adopt a child with down syndrome.