Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peter Mayor

AGH i hate it. why do people have to be so stupid and smoke? why does cancer have to destroy people and their families? 
he was 60! thats waaay too young to die. he'll never met aili or lyla, he'll never be at my graduation or my wedding or even hold his first great grandchild? 
seriously, the thing i hate most in the intire world is cancer. i get sick thinking that people will do that to themselves. as specially knowing my friends do it. its not fucking cool and if i were to ever catch one of my friends doing it, i wouldnt be able to look at them the same way ever again. just stupid. 
i would never do that to my family. put them in such pain, knowing that this could be the outcome. i know heaven is better than him suffering, but does that mean that we have to suffer his loss and grieve for him? 
i know hes looking down on us and will always be here in our hearts, 

but that doesnt make it hurt any less.

i love you poppy.

i miss you so much.

rest in peace.