Sunday, February 6, 2011

and i don't know how i got here, but i'm mighty glad i came.


the countdown is on.
Idaho: 16 days!
Mexico: 33 days!

ahh, i can't wait to just leave! it's been too long, and i really just need to get away. not that i don't love it here, because i do. i truly believe i live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, BUT, sometimes it gets boring, and i really do want to go to other beautiful places.
...not that Idaho is that beautiful. especially the part of Moscow that we're going. but hey, we get to listen to beautiful jazz music almost 24/7, and that's fine by me! 
Idaho was soo great last year thats i am pretty friggin stoked to go back. it's really cool to just have to depend on yourself for a few days and nights. no one is looking after you, and you have to be completely dependent. it's a nice feeling. and living in a room with three of your best friends is so fun, even if we do get on each other's nerves sometimes. and going to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival makes me appreciate jazz music so much more. the whole vibe at the festival is.. there are seriously no words to explain it. something along the lines of completely and utterly extravagantly incredibly fantastically amazing TO THE MAX. you can't help but be moved. also, it's so great that i have the chance to go to such a massive event, and see some of the best jazz artists of these years. i'm so lucky.

AND MEXICO! HOLY GRANDE QUESADILLA! i have never been to mexico, and thanks to one of my freaks mojo, i get to go!! we're going to cancun, and it's way too exciting, like, brain overload. except mo and i act like sisters sometimes, and that could get bad quick. but we shall work it out. quiet time. :)
i'm gonna burn though. i'm so pasty that i look like casper the friendly ghost. it's terrible. oh well, my burns turn into tans eventually... and skin cancer. so, for this trip, i don't really know what to expect but beaches and sun. hopefully. and hot mexican muchachos ;)

by the way, i don't give a rat's ass about the superbowl. 

so that's about all i'm thinking about lately. all that's really going on, or worth talking about.

oh, and i won my soccer game today! go red!


lovely lovely love love.