Friday, February 11, 2011

blue n moody.


despite the title of this note, i am neither blue, nor moody. i am soooo flibbing happy!
you see, tonight was jazzfest. and me, playing trumpet, had to solo in front of the whole theatre. to some people this may not be a big deal, but to me it's scary as hell. and since my practice solos at school have been sucking lately, i was freaking out about having to showcase my shitty talent in front of the biggest crowd i've had to yet. so i got up there, shaking like crazy, and actually did one of the best solos that i have ever played. i stayed on the right scale! i was also sweating like a pig though...
so that was good :)
something that really irritates me though- my friends are really committed to playing basketball and synchro swimming, but they're also in the band, and this conflicts with our concerts and such. all three of them are in the trumpet section with me, so that leaves only me and one other girl. and i love my trumpet section, they are all amazing, nice girls.. some of the nicest i've ever met, but it's really frustrating when the rest of the band is really excited to go to a gig, but w're held back because the teacher doesn't want us playing with only two trumpets, since trumpets are on the top of the pyramid, and basically one of the essential instruments in a jazz big band. so basically, what i'm getting at, is why even take band as a course if you're not going to support us? and i understand that they have to support our school basketball team too, but, we all work so hard to be as good as we possibly can be, and then there are the people who also work hard, but just for an easy a, and not because they really do love the music.

oi vey, i just don't know what to do.

i have had mcdonalds twice today, as well as mexican cuisine. 

yay for obesity!